February 2017 Slavin Fellows

Matthew DiMarcantonio is a junior studying computer science at Brown University. He is the founder of Nomnomz, a Y Combinator grant recipient whose suite of products includes a platform modernizing quick-service restaurant point-of-sale systems through automation. In addition to being a self-taught software engineer, Mr. DiMarcantonio has a background in applied science and aerospace that includes research aboard NASA’s zero-gravity airplane and work on advanced infrasonic and EM sensor development at NASA. He is an advisor to the Arch Mission Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to spread knowledge across the solar system, and a NASA Scholarship recipient.

Aaron Mayer is a junior majoring in philosophy at Brown University. He is the founder of Win Win, a startup seeking to gamify philanthropy using augmented reality (AR). Mr. Mayer’s recent projects explore the possibilities for entrepreneurship at the intersections of storytelling, ethics, and social good. His approach has been informed by his diverse experiences as a writer, performer, community leader, and global traveler exploring peacemaking and citizenship. He has starred in Off-Broadway theater productions and has performed with his band in concert venues and stadiums around the world, and he was featured on HBO’s The Music in Me, profiling gifted young musicians.

October 2016 Slavin Fellows

Febin Bellamy is a senior in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. He is the founder of Unsung Heroes, which shares the unique personal stories of behind-the-scenes workers in universities and establishes projects to help them achieve their dreams through fundraising and acts of kindness. Mr. Bellamy has been featured in NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, The Washington Post, CNN Headline News, NBC Washington, WGNTV News, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, Jetzt (Germany), and numerous other media outlets.

Ryan Metzger is a junior at the College of William and Mary. He is the founder of the Spring Fund, a venture community and fund connecting the most talented student founders at universities in middle-market cities and other emerging technology hubs with larger startup ecosystems. Mr. Metzger is also co-founder of TribeVentures, which provides resources to the William and Mary startup community; a Google BOLD Immersion alum; and co-founder and CEO of CoffeeCram, a startup whose app connects college students studying in real time.

June 2016 Slavin Fellows

Alex Patin is a rising junior majoring in computer science at Penn State. He is co-founder and CEO of Musical Minds, which is developing a mobile app and headphones with brainwave sensors to create playlists that improve focus, motivation, mood, and health. The technology has applications both to the broader public and for specific medical conditions, for which testing is currently underway. Mr. Patin is a 2016 recipient of a Penn State Erickson Discovery Grant, supporting original research and creative work.

February 2016 Slavin Fellows

Andrés Ornelas Vargas is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering at Yale. He is leading a team that has developed a new medical device that increases the safety and efficiency of central venous catheter placement, which could impact the health outcomes of millions of patients yearly. An estimated 18% of hospitalized patients require this procedure. Mechanical and infectious complications have been reported in up to 19% of central venous catheter placements, a figure that could be significantly reduced with Mr. Ornelas Vargas's device.

October 2015 Slavin Fellows

In October 2015, the Slavin Family Foundation announced the award of its first Slavin Fellowships to Colin Bailie of Stanford University and Zhi Wei Eugene Lim of Yale University.

Colin Bailie is a materials science PhD student at Stanford whose award-winning research in the field of perovskite tandem solar cells includes developing a solution to stability problems that have been a major obstacle to commercialization. The field of perovskite tandem photovoltaics has been recognized among solar experts as a promising path beyond efficiency limits of silicon and towards reaching long-term price targets for solar energy. Mr. Bailie’s work has been discussed in publications such as Scientific American and The Economist, and he was recognized as a 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Energy. He is starting a company to commercialize the technology.

Zhi Wei Eugene Lim is a sophomore majoring in global affairs at Yale and co-founder of Southeast Asian Movement (SEAM), a new organization designed to empower youth in Southeast Asia by providing access and connections to political and institutional power through interactive online tools, interviews and other original content, and annual conferences in the US and Southeast Asia. Mr. Lim and his co-founder are recipients of President's Scholarships from their home country of Singapore, and SEAM was recently awarded a Seeds for the Future grant from the US State Department.

Slavin Fellows receive support and mentorship from the Foundation's team and its broader network of entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and other leaders, in addition to a scholarship and other perks.

The Foundation invites new Fellows into the program following application deadlines that occur every four months.

A fuller description of the Fellowship program can be found here.

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